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Church Beautification Projects

For the last eighteen-twenty four months, Lutheran Chapel has been involved in several large projects to not only beautify our church and cemetery but to help sustain them in the future. All of these projects were and will be huge undertakings.

1. Lutheran Chapel's section of West Lawn Cemetery
has been the recipient of money from a grant given
by former member, Hughlene Bostian Frank. These
funds have been used to repair and clean the grave
markers and well as place a bench for meditation
and an upcoming statue.

2. All the old windows of the Sunday School rooms were replaced with energy efficient ones to help save on heating costs and loss of heat throughout the building. Members past and present donated all the money for this project. See Photos

3. Our old hot water boiler was replaced with a
brand new more efficient gas one. New duck work
was added in many places that were never covered
by our old heat source. Members past and present
also donated to cover the cost of this project.

4. Our next big project is the repainting of our entire sanctuary and refurbishment of all the woodwork. The old radiators from the hot water furnace were removed so that painting can be done where they once occupied wall space. See Photos

5. Several members from the church have embarked on refurbishing the men's and women's restrooms with new flooring and painting.

6. Our newest venture is setting up a bride's room and a groom's room as our church becomes a wedding venue. Both of these rooms will be used along with the fellowship hall for weddings in the near future. See Photos.

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