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Stained Glass Window Project 

We are trying to find a photo of each of the past members of Lutheran Chapel that have a stained-glass window in their honor/memory.  We know there are still family members from many of these folks and we would love to add a page to our website with the dedication and the photo. The individual dedications are below. If you have a connection to a picture of the past member/spouse mentioned in the dedication, please let Cindy Deal borrow it. She will photograph it and return your photo to you. Even if the person is in a group, we'd like to have it. Just indicate which one is the person for the window. You can put them in an envelope and place in her box or give to Jackie Kimball at the church office. This would be a great addition to our history room and our web page. Cindy’s maternal great grandparents, Eri Riley and Jane Corriher Blackwelder are on one of the windows and she has added a portrait of them to the history room. Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Miller 2.jpg

In Memory of

Colin F. Miller 1873-1938


Clara Miller

Speck 2.jpg

In Memory of

J. B. Speck and Family


Winecoff 2.jpg

In Memory of

Mr. and Mrs. N. V. B. Winecoff

By Children

Sechlar 2.jpg

A. D. Sechler

Aug. 31, 1850-Jan. 8, 1937


J. C. Sechler

Oct. 29, 1851-Jan. 8, 1936

R A Bostian 2.jpg

In Memory of

R. A. Bostian

By Family

Patterson 2.jpg

In Memory of

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Patterson

By Children

Orrell 2.jpg

In Memory of

Dovie Daugherty Correll


By Daugherty Children

M S E Bostian 2.jpg

In Memory of

Mrs. M. S. E. Bostian 1856-1935

And Mr. W. D. Bostian

Maternal Great-Grandparents of Joanne Johnson

E R Blackwelder 2.jpg

E. R. Blackwelder 1825-1914

Jane C. Blackwelder 1840-1906

Maternal Great-Grandparents of Cindy Deal

Linn 2.jpg

To the Memory of

Sallie and Moses Linn

By Children

J A Blackwelder 2.jpg

J. A Blackwelder 1874-

Maggie L. Blackwelder 1881

Kimball 2.jpg

In Honor of

C. W. Kimball, Wife

And Children

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